9 Lessons Your Childhood Video Game Habit Taught You

Video Games — An adorable small box, a cute controller, and bags full of memories.

Vacations, Family, Fights, Wins, Losses, High Fives, New Tricks, Long Wires, Broken Disks and after all that, a Deep Afternoon Sleep.


That’s what video games are meant to be.

Entertainment, Entertainment, and Entertainment that’s what they offered me throughout the summer holidays. But it only dawned on me now, after 20 odd years when I last played them, that they also left some wonderful life lessons behind.

I am not arguing in favor of a video game addiction, I am writing about the pleasure of learning through the “Video Game” mindset.

The Video Game Philosophy

Have you noticed that there are a few philosophies that are common across video games?

  1. They all start simple so that you can learn
  2. They all have multiple levels, so as to excite you
  3. Pass the level before moving to the next one, so as to allow you the growth
  4. Every next level is different and tougher from the previous one, so as to keep challenging you to do better
  5. The game always offers an alternate solution, you need to keep searching for it. Plus those hidden jewels!
  6. You have more than one life (Remember those three lines in Jumanji :-))
  7. You can always pause the game and relax
  8. In the end, you are a hero. You always start with envisioning that in your head. We never start with a loser mindset.
  9. Finally, It’s not about Win. It’s about how to Win

Every time we started a new game, it took us just a couple of attempts to get a hang of the nuances. Once you know the pattern you become comfortable, the hand-eye co-ordination was just automatic.

Then used to arrive speed. Then the competitive spirit. Then the zeal to keep on moving. Not sure how many times I lost while doing all this. Mistakes, errors, lose, frustration…..then the first win. Hours and hours of frustration and finally that moment of joy.

Life is a video game

Life is like a video game. Keep adding new challenges, keep improving, keep winning, keep losing and keep moving ahead.

There will be monsters, there will be villains, there will be faster cars than yours, there will be enemies, but than you will have the power and skills. You will have the know-how. You will be able to hunt for those hidden jewels. You will find those alternate solutions. Every lost game will teach you a new trick.

Keep learning. Learn more.

Keep Improving. Improve more.

Everything will happen gradually. And once the challenge is over, bring on a new game and start over again.

Why not treat life like an immersive 3D video game where you have the console in your control. Keep playing, keep fine-tuning your skills, keep losing, keep learning, and then keep winning.

In the end, it’s not the win that matters, it’s that last laugh, the high five which gives us the biggest of joys.

“Video Game” Mindset

A mindset where you believe in the controller. That is You.

A mindset where you learn at each level.

A mindset where you believe in your skills and strengths to move ahead.

A mindset where you know how to collaborate and win as a team.

A mindset where you know each loss is the next step to a big win.

A mindset where you believe that it’s not the Win which matters, it’s how you win that matters.

Come let’s play the game.

Game on !!!!!

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Nishith is a Chartered Accountant by profession. He is a Marathoner, an avid reader, aspiring author, philatelist, phillumenist and a transformation coach. He manages a unique self-transformation platform — “Be Better Bit-By-Bit”. This platform offers daily self-transformation activities and exercises to its members. The philosophy and belief of this platform — “Small and Consistent Improvements”

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Nishith Goyal

Nishith Goyal


Author — Be Better Bit-By-Bit, Long-distance runner, Diarist, Self Transformation Coach. Podcast-"Be Better Bit-By-Bit" & “10 Bullets- 100 Words” Book Summary