When in doubt. Write a page of Journal.

So What Does a Polygraphic Machine does?

Polygraphic machines record the biological levels of a person and compare them between two periods — normal and stress.

In addition to this, polygraph tests also help in bringing out confessions. And, it is believed that once the admissions are made, it helps manage the stress levels efficiently.

In the…

A quote from Jari Roomer will help you clarify the things you are doing wrong every weekend

  • Weekends are for fun.
  • Weekends are for extra sleep.
  • Weekends are for shopping.
  • Weekends are to go out.
  • Weekends are to relax.

Maybe. Maybe not.

“Don’t be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of. One man gets only a…

Chris Hadfield had this great insight in “An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth.”

Are you a Plus One, A Minus One, or a ZERO?

Let me start with how Chris Hadfield defines the three terms in his famous book — An Astronaut’s Guide to Life on Earth.

“Whenever you enter a new situation, whether this is a rocket ship or a meeting room…

The momentary bliss makes it worthy than non-stop external noise.

My morning routine is packed.

Yet they are calm!

I feel proud of what I have gained in the past few years, but occasionally it feels like I am lagging.

Despite having a 5 A.M. schedule full of journal writing, physical exercises, outdoor runs, reading, yoga, and a healthy breakfast…

Picasso might be right, but what if he was wrong?

You are a unique creature on this planet. You are rare. And rarity is valuable.

This is not just a statement; it's the truth of the most considerable magnitude. And, as I read these words in Og Mandino's famous book — The Greatest Salesman in the World, I went through so many new perspectives at once.

No one else but you can imitate your handwriting…

A goal-setting approach to help you be consistent over a long period.

The Power of Our Minds

When you have faith in the extraordinary power of your mind, the mind tends to acknowledge that and offer you a lot in return.

It's a relationship. You have to have faith in each other to yield the optimum results from this relationship.

Through the past few years, the habit…

Nishith Goyal

Author — Be Better Bit-By-Bit, Long-distance runner, Diarist, Self Transformation Coach. Podcast-"Be Better Bit-By-Bit" & “10 Bullets- 100 Words” Book Summary

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