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A conversation with our planetary neighbours. Anyone?

It’s always fun to fly high in an aircraft and look down the window. The world is a different place than we think.

Mountains, Sea, Villages, Buildings, Vehicles….everything is to be seen with a new perspective, with a new set of eyes.

Image courtesy: Unsplash, Credit: Martin Widenka

What if there is an option to even fly higher than that? Will that give you another perspective? Few different thoughts?

I do not have any scientific background but I have a tinkling belief that we are not alone in this Universe.

And I found this idea very powerful!

Powerful, because once you open up your mind to look things beyond Earth, it open a big window to introspect.

I am not a science genius and don’t have any formal education to form this view, but that still does not stop me from elevating myself up, up and up in the sky and look all over with few different perspectives.

The biggest belief which such perspective brings is that we are not alone in our Universe. We have neighbours!

A thought hits me now and then, what if I have a superpower which allows me to see through the sky, fly above our limits and meet these neighbours? See there planet?

That raises few questions though:

What am I going to do there?

What am I going to speak to them?

What will be my questions to them?

I thought to build on it and draft few questions which will be relevant to such a meeting.

The exercise allowed me to see a new life, lots of issues which bothers us easily started sounding too small and new interests and ideas started cluttering my head.

I list down few questions which popped up inside my head. Try and answer them and see if things get interesting in your head too. I had fun answering them!

At this point, imagine such a being standing in front of you. You now standing on his planet, surrounded by their air and their light.

Start the questions now.

Who are you?

Listen to him, his voice, feel his tone, look into his eyes. Don’t evaluate them at this point in time.

What do you know about this Universe?

Imagine they opening up to you and telling you all the details about our Universe and their inhabitants. Talks about faraway planets, different galaxies, their own history, their present etc.

How many of you are present in the cosmos?

Go ahead and go deep in this. The more you will hear the better your understanding will be of all your immediate neighbours and friends.

We are 7.6 billion and so how many are they?

Are you the only species present or are you aware of others too?

Ask this. It’s not only their population which matters. Population and presence of other beings also matter.

Probably they have better tools than us to explore the Universe.

This way we can analyse our place in this Cosmos better.

How do you travel to distant places?

That’s an interesting one.

Our technology is advanced but only as we see them. Probably they are using much-advanced ships to travel. Motherships, size of 10 football ground, invisible, ability to generate its own power !!!! Wow.

How about multiple time horizons? Time travel!!! Shortcut openings in the space!!!

Tell me about your ancestors?

History is so interesting. We are what we are because of our ancestors.

Our genes are a gift from them.

Our habits follow what they did.

So it’s important to understand about our new friends’ ancestors too.

What is your relationship with my mother Earth?

This will be the moment of truth.

What do they consider us. Friend or Foe?

Can we work together, can we co-operate to explore our cosmos or Earth is too far behind in the pursuit.

With so much of information, you will be a different person now.

Have you ever visited our planet? When? What did you do there?

Tell them that we hear all sort of stories about alien ships visiting our planet. Is this true? What’s the purpose and why it’s all a secret?

What purpose are we serving on mother Earth?

What if they know the answer to this?

There is so much haze which will get clear. Years of human effort to identify the purpose of our existence can yield results just by getting answers to this one.

Are we the most beautiful planet? Did we came first? Is the evolution process common across the Cosmos?

Though my mind did not want to stop after these questions, I started wondering the scenario where I do have the answers to these questions!!!!

How about you knowing answers to these?

Let’s look ourselves with a very large lens. You are not small, you are not big. You are not the most important. You are not the most learned. You are not the agilest.

You have miles to go. You have ladders to climb and you have lots to learn. The Universe is huge and we are just a small planet.

Give yourself this opportunity to elevate yourself in your own head and experience the difference.

Let us all take this beautiful journey!

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Nishith Goyal


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