You are fortunate to be able to born on this Mother Earth.

It’s the chosen one.

Do we have only one Mother in the entire Cosmos ?

Few interesting facts:

There are at least 2 trillion galaxies in the observable universe!

They contain more stars than all the grains of sand on planet Earth!

The distance from Earth to the edge of the observable universe is about 46.5 billion light years in any direction! (Source: Wikipedia)

And we still think we are alone?

Believe in God. Belief in God.

Invariably each of us has grown under this umbrella of thought.

I too had this undefiable approach towards his presence.

But now, I have started questioning the way I believe in him, I now believe in its presence. But in a different way.

What if they all are real ?

Present somewhere in the Cosmos, on a planet much advanced then us. Handling it’s functions like a professional !

GOD’s a CEO.

The Universe is big, outrageously huge! So how can we be alone ? So please believe with me for sometime in life beyond our Earth.

So let’s assume we have neighbours. What’s their purpose? What do they do? What are their beliefs? How this system is managed? and Who manages this?


For me, we are here on this planet named Earth to gain bountiful of experiences and train ourselves. Then advance to a new job, a new profile, a new company, a new place and a new planet. Farther off the Mother Earth.....in the arms of a new Mother.

The Gods we know are a by-product of this training system. They are successors and not the architects.

Wars, Love stories, Hardships, Sermons, Magical powers, Science, Mysteries, Sacrifices, they all were part of the training module which made them great and God.

Now these Gods are CEOs of different planets around us and they run them like companies. They all are playing a bigger role in this cosmos and this universe. The creator watches them, scrutinises their actions and decisions. They have difficult jobs to perform.

These CEOs need variety of talent to run their systems efficiently and so they need a training hub. Hence, they created this beautiful planet called Earth.

Yes, you are right. You are just a trainee here!

Stay with me. The journey from here will be interesting.

You are just a trainee. So, gain as much as you can. Learn, un-learn, grow, win, loose, travel and work hard. These all will better your resume and will land up you in a better job.

Else, reborn here my friend ! You failed in your training!

You need to really calm down to take this concept go ahead. You have to believe in me to make this story interesting for you and to make your journey here on planet Earth more meaningful.

Once you dive in this concept i.e. God is real and He was once one of us and He is still somewhere there and He is a CEO and they all head individual units/planets which are different then mother Earth; a lot of life’s realities can be broken down and seen differently.

I am going to put my perspective on some of these.

  • Death,
  • After life,
  • Religion,
  • Human body, and
  • Money.

All of these are so taboo, so hyped and complicated topics.

Death, we are afraid of, but why ? Don’t you think the training has to end !

After life, many believe, many does not. Just view it as better opportunity elsewhere !

Religion, everyone believes there’s the best. What’s wrong in that ? After all, all Gods compete, they are CEOs afterall !

Human body, such a complex machine, still to be discovered and explored. Are we perfect ?

and finally

Money, the most overrated invention of human race. Are CEOs motivated by only Money ? Do we define ourselves by the Money we make ?

I want to explore them all through this new lense i.e. God’s a CEO.

To make it easy for you, I would like to convert the post into a three part series. This being the first part.

In the second post I will break down the whole fear around Death and continue it with my thoughts on After life.

Hold on to the thought. I will be back in my next posts and yes keep believing, keep your faith in GOD. He is their for you.

Like a CEO!



Author of two books, Creator - Be Better Bit-By-Bit, Long-distance runner, and a keen diarist.

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Nishith Goyal

Author of two books, Creator - Be Better Bit-By-Bit, Long-distance runner, and a keen diarist.