God’s a CEO — The conclusion

In the third and final part of this series — God’s a CEO, I will explore three more subjects under the new lense.

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In this final part, three subjects viz. Religion, Money and Human body, will be core of my discussion.

The cosmos is being run like a professional company and our mother Earth is training us everyday. We will leave for a new planet once our training is complete.

In addition to Death and Afterlife, I feel that Religion, Money and Human body has a deeper connection with our Cosmos.

It’s fun to read, view and listen about things which discusses stuffs which are beyond Earth. Be it other planets, other solar systems, UFO sightings, interstellar objects and so on. In addition to the momentary thrill they achieve for you, they can also lead you towards an entirely different perspective.

It feels so incomplete looking at myself in front of this huge mirror, which we loosely term as Cosmos !

Certainly, Death, Afterlife, Religion, Money and Human body were meant to achieve something beyond our comprehension. I am enjoying my Journey and hope you will ride with me sooner or later.

Let’s continue.


Every planet has it’s own CEO.

Their working model and assumptions are different.

Their belief systems are different.

Their process manuals are different.

Can you feel it?

The entire universe is working on this differentiation model. So why cry, when on Earth we become competitive in the name of Religion?

Every religion on Earth has their own Head...Prophet Muhammad, Lord Ram, Guru Nanak, Jesus, Gautam Buddha etc. There are approx. 4300 different religions we follow on Earth.

They all are CEOs. They have created different organisations to serve different purposes. Without them we are incomplete.

It’s unfair to question this universal model. If these units are not here it’s surely tough to manage the entire training cycle. Training becomes meaningful if they are broken down into smaller units, into smaller chapters, divided into multiple days.

Also, it's easy for the ultimate Head to make the correct recruitment from a varied resource pool.

My current organisation is divided into so many business groups and is being built on a multi layered organisational hierarchy. I am sure your’s too !

Does that makes you competetive? Does that helps you improve each day? Can you imagine a company without a differentiation model?

Recount the training which your religion is helping you with. Now imagine what multi-religion training centre can do to your new life prospects !

My biological parents launched me into one specific religion and then I met people from various religions who became close friends. Now, I have a family which is much diverse and rich. I have a better resume for releasing to the supreme commander !


How does a CEO distributes money to his various teams? Based on the returns expected. Right?

Let’s break the concept. We might say that there is a Good money and there is a Bad money. Good money gives you good returns and bad gives you bad.

Simple !

Identifying these good money and bad money is equally important to actually earn it.

In our lives, the professional money takes a huge advantage over other monies. Professional money is visible and tangible but social money is not.

Professional money, social money? What’s all this?

The money which comes in my bank account after investing hours and hours to my professional life, is Professional money. Every other return I get from all my other engagements is Social money.

Professional money, I keep an account of. Social money, the CEO is keeping an account !

Love, affection, friendships, travel experiences, food flavours, all gets accumulated as social money.

Remember, its just a training and professional money is not allowed to be carried to your next job. (Hmmmmm, yaaaa….. thats why I hear all the time, we can’t take money we earn here to the next world !)

A soul may carry all the social money with itself but no professional money !

Guys, earn money, infact earn as much as you can. Then keep on accounting for both professional and social money. CEOs will hire you based on your social bank account. Spend everything else here.

Professional money is limited on this planet, they don’t print them endlessly but the CEOs on other planets will accept an unlimited amount of social money because that’s what will give their company an edge above others.

So what’s your count of social money? Mine is low. But I am atleast conscious !

Human body

You love your body.

What are we made off?

Who made us?

Are we a working model, which someone is testing?

We are a trainee on Earth, does that mean our body is also getting trained?

Is this training system achieving dual benefits at the same time? Train the soul and train/test the physical body also in the process !

Is our body a perfect creation?

We have evolved into Homo Sapiens. This is what the school curriculum taught me. Now, I doubt the accuracy of this evolution model. How can it be so accurate and so perfect?

Everything about our body works in tandem and invariably never fails. In millions of human history we were unable to create a system like Brain. A system which functions every day and every moment.

Memory ! Unlimited data storage. And humans are just talking in TBs.

Any ideas about birth marks? Probably, the CEOs way to tag you ! :-)

Do you know any machine made by us which can do such a job ?

We are a result of this training and testing cycle. The God kept on testing and the human body kept on improving.

Does that mean we are still not perfect?

Bang on !

Surely, the supreme commander is not perfect too. We are a product of trial and error. Diseases, accidents, deformities, they all are result of this gap in the perfect model.

As humans, we are helping the CEO to keep on testing this model. Overcoming bacterias, viruses, cancers, achieving time travel, flying humans…are all part of this job.

Who knows the trial and error leads us to become equivalent to God one day. Immortal ! Free from all illness and diseases and ready to serve the Cosmos in a much grandeur manner.

Imagine Homo Sapiens overpowering all the companies in this Cosmos to become the most successful species ever trained by the CEOs !

I had fun travelling through ups and downs of this journey- God’s a CEO. Keeping my eyes closed once a while and flying above the Mother Earth and then pulling myself further up and up and up in the Universe, gave me few perspectives which myself too was unable to understand.

The journey of these three write ups were probably full of errors but I feel rejuvenated after pouring my heart out here.

I hope my training here on Mother Earth takes me to the next level in Year 2018. I would like to Thank all my readers, every view & read means a lot and then the Medium staff for providing me such a wonderful platform. Hope I will enrich this platform further with my thoughts.

Wishing all of you a Happy new life 2018.

Keep believing in God. He is a CEO. He will lead you to the highway of success.

Author — Be Better Bit-By-Bit, Long-distance runner, Diarist, Self Transformation Coach. Podcast-"Be Better Bit-By-Bit" & “10 Bullets- 100 Words” Book Summary