Let’s bring back those Whys, Whats and Hows !!!

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Long lost the curiosity, the What’s, the Why’s and the How’s. The hitch is too strong to be disturbed.

Came the 18,000 feet trip and suddenly the tinkling was felt again!

A trip to Leh and Ladakh, extreme northern part of India, was successful in raising so many questions in my head and that left me searching for the answers.

At those heights — 14,500 going up till 18,500 feet, there is so much diversity. The nature is challenging and has so much to offer for our senses.

Each day I looked through the windows and found myself gazing at questions to which I had no answers at all. Its being long time I was so curious about things and unfortunately our best friend,Google was not there to help either!

What’s the Air made of?, How’s snow formed?, Why are mountains so cold?, At what temperatures do lake freeze?, How does snow melts?, Why sun seems to be so bright at those heights?, What does those medicines do to my body to keep me away from so called acute mountain sickness?, What happens to my digestive system at such heights?, Where does my body heat goes? How to keep my body warm?

I was curious, I was excited and I was helpless.

Finally took the flight home and got my hands on Google. One by one “ok google” tell me this, “ok google” tell me that. But unfortunately it’s science and I left those interesting subjects when I was 16!

But the trip gave me back my curiosity, my anxiety, my why’s, my what’s………

I am excited to share what I learned, it’s not the concepts which matters, it’s the Why’s and What’s, that do!


Let’s first understand Air and its components. (Ya, I know you misplaced this somewhere!!!)

Air is matter and we need it. Full stop.

78% Nitrogen, 21% Oxygen and 1% others. Understood!

Matter…hmmmm….so does that means it has weight? Oh ya…weight.

All weighy things go down, ya off course….Gravity and all.

So air, weight and gravity, together creates pressure. Ya Ya Air pressure i.e. lots of air compressed together and at 18,000 feet, air pressure reduces…..impact of gravity is less. Got it now? and hence the compression eases and it becomes lighter.

Oh….that’s why I was breathing heavy there!


One of the forms in which nature expresses itself. Tall, Dark and Handsome!

How come few are rocky, few sandy, few green and few brown? How are they formed?

Inside the Earth, we have plates (come on! not talking about dinner plates). BTW there are 50 down there. How many do you have at home?

Tectonic plates they are called. And they move!!! Wow….so funny. They fight when they move and that’s how we get mountains. They try and get over each other. Stupid!

Fun fact- 20% of Earth’s surface is covered by Mountains!!!!

It was so wonderful to witness the diversity at those heights. For 10s of kms there were tough mountains and suddenly you start going down and rivers start flowing, sand dunes pull themselves out of the dry lands and few moments later a beautiful salty lake awaits a nice welcome for you with gusts of cold winds!

You will fall to Acute Mountain Sickness in such terrains. Oxygen is THE most important element. So let’s take deep breadths…

Want to study Mountains more….they call it ‘Orology’.


We all love this bright white thing, especially when it falls directly on you. The thought only brings that hint of smile!

What if I tell you that all rains starts as snow!

Ya, you read it right. It’s just that when they reach warm places they melt and fall as water droplets and when they reach cooler zones like mountains, they remain as it is.

Interesting right!!!!!

Cold temperatures and lots of moisture at the top, easy way to form snow.


Why is Sun so bright there?

Of course because I was closer to the Sun!!

Then why I don’t feel that heat and instead there is so much cold?

Hmmm…Good question!!!

Remember the AIR and its density.

That will solve this. Higher the altitude, lighter the air. Lighter the air, lesser its capacity to hold on to the heat from the Sun. Surely, now you understand my friend.

Now after answering so many why’s and what’s, I am left with many more. I am intrigued. I am excited. I wish to learn and I wish to grow!!!

Coming out of the famous Rancho school, I felt like Rancho. I am searching for answers. I am questioning a lot. I am reading a lot. I am writing a lot.

I am asking my Whys, Whats and Hows.

Are you?

Now whenever you interact with something new, make sure to be as inquisitive as you can. Ask yourself the right questions and then search for the right answers. The world is full of question marks, lets unreveal them all !!!

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Author — Be Better Bit-By-Bit, Long-distance runner, Diarist, Self Transformation Coach. Podcast-"Be Better Bit-By-Bit" & “10 Bullets- 100 Words” Book Summary