Quantity at Home and Quality at Workplace — An Insight

Once again, thanks to Brain Tracy for this wonderful insight

Nishith Goyal
6 min readNov 29, 2020


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Which of the lives define your “Worth” — Personal or Professional?

No right or wrong here, but still, a lot of us (including me) tend to identify ourselves by the professional work we do.

Who are you?

Ask this question to anyone, and the usual answers pop up—narratives on the current job, education details, list of clients, business card and so on.

Imagine starting instead with our hobbies, side-hustles, family values, relationships we enjoy and so on.

Isn’t that a new way of defining ourselves?

A 10–12 hour day at the office, a couple of hours of commute and we come back home to spend some “Quality” time with family.

Brian says this is a wrong approach.

“Quality” time should be spent at the workplace so that you can produce high-quality and speedy work.

“Quantity” of time should be spent at home because that is what our families expect from ourselves.

People and workplaces which do not attempt to understand and act on this philosophy inch towards dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

I am an accountant, and I always believe that by not accounting for the biggest asset, i.e. Employees; the accounting fraternity has missed an important component completely.

How to do it is not that important, but an intent to classify them as an asset is important.

Imagine a balance sheet with “Employee” as an asset category. That’s when employees themselves will start working for quality. Employees themselves need to push hard for “Quality” work.

“Hard work” will be replaced by “Smart work”. “Quantity” at work will be replaced by “Quality” at work.

Hard and smart work at the workplace, that’s what Brain recommends. But when you are at home, QUANTITY matters. Don’t look to be “efficient” or spend “quality time” with your family — at home, hours matter.

How to ensure “Quality” time in the workplace?



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