If You Ever Face a Choice — Take The Service Lane

Riding on the service lane is a different perspective.

Nishith Goyal
3 min readSep 15, 2017


Photo by Tobias Tullius on Unsplash

Service lane...useful on busy highways. It offers an alternate way for the motorists to change course and leave the highway chaos.

Service lanes are alternatives! Profound thought.

They offer a choice, they can be fast, they can be free of chaos, they can be smooth, they can lead you to a different road, a different city or a river or a pond or a hill!

But only, if you take it......

Every day, there is that instantaneous decision which we need to make i.e. whether or not to take that alternative.

Many times we experience a quick getaway and several times we get stuck at the nozzle. It’s too quick and seldom it is too slow, it’s fun to see cars on the highway trying to strategize their every move and yours sailing through the concrete jungle via that alternate route.

There are days where you make a different decision at that Y junction. You decide not to enter the funnel and hence the experience is different. In other words, it is the same as your usual commute day!

While opting for the alternative, the risks of ending up choked at the nozzle are equally high but at least the service lane offers you a different experience.

Does it give you the same results every day, every time?


Yes, there are days where the highway offers more speed and a smooth ride.

But how do you know that the experience is different?

The difference is visible only to those who have tried both the alternatives.

Life, like a busy highway, offers such service roads every day. But they are not visible so easily.

Search for them.

Once you see them, the options and the story is like a service lane. You need to decide whether or not to take it.

My take….Take it….!

Find alternatives in your life. Take them. Experience the difference. Alternatives are good.



Nishith Goyal

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